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A unique project of the Navy Foundation Kerala charter

Through Private Funding

Registered as the Naval Officers Retirement Home (NORHOMES) Owners Association. Registration No ER430/11



  • Introduction:    The emerging social conditions are posing several challenges and putting undue strain on the parents as well as the children. Both need their freedom and privacy amidst the need for support. The Navy Foundation Kerala Charter has ventured out to meet the emerging challenges.

  • Aim: To create a unique place for an officer like, comfortable, enjoyable and cared for retired life.


  • Retirement Homes: 43 Studio type dwelling unit complex for Officer and spouse with all common amenities/ services provided for a comfortable, peaceful and hassle free living.

  • Location & Land:  108 cents of land has been purchased and registered in the name of NORHOMES on the southern banks of river Periyar at Thottuva, near Kalady, Ernakulum Dist. The land is adjacent to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living Ashram and village under development. The river side is just about 100 mtrs away and the general ambiance is suitable for the retirement home.  Approx Distances 13 kms from Cochin International Airport, 40 kms from Kochi city.


  • Membership: Restricted to the total number of dwelling units. 43 retired and serving Naval, Army and Air Force officers/ their spouse.


  • Funding:  The Funding would be by the members. The base share of each member is Rs 15.5 Lakh as estimated on 30 May 2011, to be paid in installments as work progresses. Registration charge Rs 20,000/-. All those who join after 30 May 2011 would have to pay an equalization charges at the rate of 1% per month on the amount due at the time of joining the scheme


  • Break down of estimated share as follows:-


Land    - Rs 3.5 Lakh


Dwelling unit  - Rs 9.5 Lakh


Common Area /facilities – Rs 3.5 Lakh


  • The final extra cost over and above the share paid by members would have to be be shared by all the members. Individuals who need to take bank loan would have to take it in their name. Necessary letter as appropriate to facilitate loan could be given from the Association.


  • Ownership: 

 (a) Overall ownership of the land and building would be in the name of NORHOMES owners association.

(b)  Each member who have paid up their share would be allotted a dwelling unit on completion of the construction and they would own their allotted dwelling unit together with undivided share of land. The allotment of dwelling units would be by lots or as decided by the general body.  


(c) The members who specifically wish to register their dwelling unit along with the undivided share of land in their name may do so. Cost of registration would have to be borne by the member. Those who do not have it registered in their name, would as members continue to enjoy ownership status within the records of the association.


(d) If at any stage a member considers that he/she does not need the retirement home facility any more, then the member could sell his/her dwelling unit at the prevailing market price, with the concurrence of the Association, to a person who is eligible to become a member of the NORHOMES association.


(e) After the life time of the member and spouse, the asset would be inherited by the person nominated by the member. If the inheritor is eligible to be a member of NORHOMES then the inheritor could become a member and transfer the unit into his name. If the inheritor is not eligible to be a member of NORHOMES then the inheritor could get the asset value through sale of the property, at the prevailing market price, to a person who is eligible to become a member.


(f) The sale/ transfer would be restricted to persons who are eligible to become a member so as to keep the facility within the Navy, Army and Air Force officers community. This is in the overall interest of the members.


(g) The sale price could be as decided between the seller and buyer. No objection certificate for executing the sale and transfer would have to be obtained from the Association. The Association could help in arranging prospective buyers.


(h) This would definitely be a useful investment for the members benefit and the investment  would escalate in value with time and be of use to the nominated inheritor in future.


  • Management:  The Management Committee is elected from the members and by the members of NORHOMES association. The Management Committee would manage /administer on behalf of the association. One of its members would be an ex-officio member nominated from the NFKC Management Committee.


  • Bye Laws: The Byelaws have been framed and registered. The Bye laws could be suitably amended by the General body when required under intimation to the registration authority.


  • 10.  Building.  The Retirement Home building would be a composite ground plus three storey building complex. The building would cater for the common amenities and the dwelling units. Each dwelling unit would be studio apartment type, size approx 520 sq ft carpet area and consist of a drawing room, a bed room, attached toilet with convenient entry from Bed room and Drawing room, a small pantry and a balcony. All dwelling units would be of similar type and size with adequate cross ventilation. Two Lifts (service and passenger), staircases, standby generator supply and all modern amenities would be catered. The needs of old age are being fully catered for in the building and the amenities planned.  


  • Common facilities. All necessary amenities would be provided commonly for a comfortable, cared for and hassle free community living. The under mentioned common facilities are intended to be created. 


(a) Main entrance, reception &Lounge


(b)      Office Room


(c)      Common Dinning , Kitchen, store, pantry


(d)     Library cum reading room facility


(e)      Indoor games facility


(f)       Recreation /Home theater facility


(g)      Heath club facility


(h)      Sickbay with Doctor/nursing station.


(j)        Outdoor walk ways & relaxing spots.


(k)        Guest rooms


(l)      Parking


(m)        Housekeeping/laundry /security services


(n)    Maintenance service as required


(p)      Internet, Cable TV, Telephone/intercom, PA System etc


(q)      Other amenities as required/ desired could be added on in due course.


(r)      Arranged visits to ECHS Polyclinic, Canteen, Club, Shopping etc


(s)      Multi Super Specialty hospital, Gurukul Institute of Medical Sciences is under construction just 4 kms away which could be empanelled by ECHS in future for our use.


  • Life Style


 Officer like, community living with known/similar category of officers/ ladies, mutually sharing and supporting each 


 A life style where you are not dependent or a burden to your near and dear ones or struggling to live without 


The near and dear ones could visit you and stay at NORHOMES as your guests to spend time with you. You could also visit and spend time with your near and dear ones when you so 


Give you the independence and privacy you need and also enable your children to enjoy their independence and 


You would be cared for even more when your life partner is no more with 


Till you feel the need for moving in permanently, you may use it for a weekend getaway, for a holiday break /or for a change. It would be like walking into a Mess or a 


The dwelling units that are not going to be occupied /utilized for a reasonably long period could be given out on rent by the management and the amount so earned would benefit the owner.


Money can buy you many things but definitely not the life style you can get here.

  • Current status:  Foundation stone for the building was laid at a function  held on Thursday, 10 May 2012 at 10.30 hrs. V Adm. PR Suthan, President, Navy Foundation Kerala Charter and also NORHOMES, laid the foundation stone in the presence of Senior Officers from the Navy and Local Civilian dignitaries. Currently setting out for starting pilling work is in progress. The construction shed is nearing completion. A well is being dug.    


  • Bank Details.  The NORHOMES has its account with the UBI. Details as given below:-  


Name of bank & branch:   Union Bank of India, Thevara Branch, Kochi

Name of Account:             Naval Officers Retirement Home Owners Association  

A/c No:                              355902010014303  (15 digits)

IFSC:                              UBIN0535591


  • Contact:   For more details /clarification contact


Capt Rajan George (Retd)                      Cdr M Ravindran (Retd)

                 Secretary                                                  Treasurer

Mob:        9495736656                                           9447414199

Tel (Res) 0484-2305774                                        0484-2320455

e- mail: mailrg2006@yahoo.co.in                    avtechkochi@gmail.com



 Only a few membership available to entitled members on first cum first serve basis. An opportunity that may not come again.



 ©2010-2011 Navy Foundation Kerala. 

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