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NFKC Working Rules


(Including the amendments as approved by AGM held on15/04/07)


1st Floor, INHS Sanjivini,

Naval Base, Kochi – 682004 

1: THE NAVY FOUNDATION KERALA CHARTER, KOCHI (herein after referred as Kerala Charter) shall be governed by the Constitution of the Foundation, NHQ, New Delhi 110011. The following working rules are formulated for the Kerala Charter in accordance with the constitution, rules and regulations of the Navy Foundation.


The office of the Kerala Charter is located at

1st Floor INHS Sanjivini

Naval Base

Kochi – 682004

Tel No: +91 484 2874453


Membership of the Navy Foundation is open to all commissioned officers who have served in the Indian Navy or erstwhile Royal Indian Navy or Naval Reserves. Member’s spouse and widows/widowers of such officers shall be honorary members.


All Life members of the Foundation shall pay an entrance fee of Rs 500/- and membership fee of Rs 1500/- . Life members from other Charters will be admitted free to the Kerala Charter on submission of necessary certificate. Honorary members are admitted free.


Subscription / Contribution for various occasions / functions shall be collected as decided by the Managing Committee.



‘Patron’ :The Flag officer Commanding in Chief , SNC shall be invited to be the Patron of the Navy Foundation Kerala Charter. Management of the Charter shall be carried out by an elected

(a) Managing Committee, and

(b) Executive committee.

The Managing Committee will consists of 9 members. General Body elects 8 members viz President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and (2+1) committee members. Out going Secretary will also be in the new committee as one of the elected member. The President may also co opt any member / honorary member to the Committee for smooth functioning if necessary. 

Executive committee shall consists of President, Secretary, and the Treasurer. The Executive Committee shall meet as often as required and deal with all matters relating to administration and acts of routine nature and to make recommendation to the Managing committee or the President on matters as considered necessary. An officer nominated by the Command as the Nodal contact point will be an invitee to the Managing Committee meeting.


a) The Managing Committee shall meet once a month and whenever necessary. The President or the Secretary shall convene the Meeting.

b) One third strength of elected members will constitute the quorum 

c) Not less than seven days notice shall be given to the members for every meeting of the managing committee; but when urgent matters are to be discussed and decided ,managing committee may meet at short notice.

d) If five members of the managing committee make a written requisition for the managing committee meeting, the President or Secretary shall convene meeting within seven days of the receipt of such requisition.

e) All members are expected to attend the Managing committee meeting without fail. Should a member be unable to attend due to unavoidable reasons, he should keep the secretary informed. Any elected member is liable to cease to be a member of the Managing Committee if he /she absents himself in three consecutive meetings.



a) The President shall preside over the general body and managing committee meetings. His ruling on the results of voting and other proceedings at the meeting shall be final.

b) He is empowered to take a decision on any urgent matter , which shall be submitted to the next managing committee fro ratification.

c) He is authorized to sign jointly with the Secretary or Treasurer on all documents on behalf of the Kerala Charter.

d) He is empowered to grant leave of absence to managing committee members for meetings.


All functions of the President during his absence shall be performed by the Vice President. In the event of the office of the President falling vacant for any reason , the vice President shall assume the duties of the President till such time a new President is elected.



The Secretary shall be responsible for:-

a)            For the management of office staff, if any, at the office of the Kerala Charter.

b)            To be in charge of any movable or immovable assets of the Kerala Charter and ensure its upkeep.

c)             To record or to cause to be recorded minutes of the managing committee and general body meetings.

d)            To ensure that proper records of all decisions and resolutions passed at the above meetings are maintained and appropriate follow up action taken for their implementation.

e)            To sign jointly with the President or Treasurer all documents on behalf of Kerala Charter.

f)             To maintain up to date register of all members and honorary members of the Kerala Charter.

g)            To prepare annual report or other reports for consideration by Managing Committee and General Body.

h)            To carry out such other duties as may be assigned by General Body or Managing Committee.



Shall assist the secretary in day to day affairs of the Kerala Charter. In the event of the office of the Secretary falling vacant for any reason ,the Joint Secretary shall assume the duties of the Secretary till such time the vacancy is filled.

12) TREASURER shall be responsible for

a)            For safe custody of cash, cheque books, seals and securities of the Kerala Charter.

b)            To collect subscriptions and other contributions from members and maintain correct and up to date account.

c)             To keep the Managing committee and General Body informed about the state of finance of the Kerala Charter.

d)            To sign jointly with the President or the Secretary, the Bank cheques and other documents on behalf of the Kerala Charter.

e)            To get annual account audited by auditors elected by the General Body before the AGM.

f)             To perform such functions relating to finance of the Kerala Charter as may be assigned by the Managing Committee or the General Body.

13) FUNDS: 

NFKC will maintain two types of accounts viz

A)            Navy Foundation Kerala Charter a/c

Source of Income:

i)              Membership fee

ii)             Interest from Fixed deposits

iii)            Grant received from HQ SNC / NHQ

iv)            Collections made for various functions

v)             Any other amount as approved by the President

B) Navy Foundation Kerala Charter Welfare trust a/c

Source of Income :

i)              Income from website

ii)             Income through MOU with PLAL on insurance.

iii             )Interest from Cdr Arogya swami Scholarship fund 

iv)            Any other income as approved by the President 

(The detailed operating instructions of the funds are given as Annexure A. Website operating instructions and advertisement rules are given as Annexure B. Rules governing Cdr Arogyaswami Scholarship are given as Annexure C. MOU with M/s PLAL is given as Annexure D)

Funds of the Charter shall be deposited in a scheduled Bank or other institutions as approved by the Managing Committee. The Treasurer will maintain the accounts. All income shall be operated through Bank accounts.


Treasurer or Secretary is empowered to incur expenses on single item upto Rs 1000/- with out prior approval. Expenditure beyond Rs1000/- shall be done with the approval of the President. Monthly statement of Income and Expenditure shall be submitted to the Managing Committee every month for approval.


Treasurer is authorized to keep in his custody cash limited to Rs 1500/- as petty cash for day to day expenses.


a)            Annual General Body meeting shall be convened every calendar year during which the Managing Committee members shall be elected.

b)            A minimum of 21 days notice shall be given for the general body meeting.

c)             The general body shall adopt the annual audited accounts and annual reports.

d)            General Body will elect 8 Managing Committee members as per Rule 6 above.

e)            The general body will elect auditors from the members for auditing the accounts of the current year.

f)             Quorum shall be 1/6th of the total members of the Charter.

g)            General body will take decisions by majority of votes.


Extra ordinary general body meetings shall be convened by the Managing Committee or against requisition by a minimum of ten members of the Kerala Charter. All other rules pertaining to a general body meeting holds good for extra ordinary general body meeting also.

18) VOTES :

All Life members of the Kerala Charter will only have the voting rights. Proxies are not permitted. Honorary members can also attend these meetings.


The out going office bearers shall hand over charge to the newly elected office bearers within 15 days of their election.



The working rules shall be amended by the Managing Committee as and when required, in the light of experience gained in the Kerala Charter. Any amendments to working rules shall be ratified by the General body and the same will be intimated to the President, Navy Foundation, New Delhi



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