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GRIEVANCE CELL & HELP LINES (Tel Nos. to remember)

Station Commander - CO, Venduruthy, Tel: 2662750
Mobile: 944776961
Deputy Station Commander - Cdr.N.D.Prasad, Tel: 2662968

DGMS (Navy) - Tel: 011-23017877, Mob: 09818738096
DGAFMS - Tel: Mil: 3080, Civil: 011-23093326, 011-23093093
Mob: 09818117210

Lt Gen Dua, MD ECH - 011-25684846 / 09811556834(M)
Col G Ghose (Director, Medical)

Extract of letter from Director ECHS (Navy) letter No ECHS/010/ESM/GR dated 28 May 2010 addressed to LtCdr PKN Pillai (Retd) in reply to his letter addressed to CNS

1 Proposal for ten super Multispeciality hospitals through out the country under consideration by MoD are as follows :-
a) Delhi Cantt
b) Chandigarh
c) Jalandhar Cantt
d) Lucknow
e) Kolkota
f) Jaipur
g) Secunderabad
h) Pune
i) Kochi
j) Bangalore

2. Broad layout plan of each hospital is as follows :-
a) Bed - 500
b) Land Plot - 25 Acre
c) Budget - Capital- 250 Crs, Revenue- 135 Crs
d) Time Frame- 2/3 yrs
e) Command and control- Proposed with ECHS management.

3. Proposal for 12 additional policlinics in Kerala state approved by MoD on 26 May 10. Moovattapuzha will be the second policlinic in Ernakulam Dist.

4. ECHS policlinic is functioning in the present premises of IHHS Sanjivini satisfactorily and therefore the construction of new building is not being considered at the moment.


 Read the ECHS newsletter 2006
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Extracts of Central Organisation letter No. B/49773/AG/ECHS/CGHS (31 August, 2008)

Extracts of Central Organisation letter No. B/49773/AG/ECHS/CGHS dated 30 Jul 08 is reproduced below for information

(i) Consequent to downward revision of CGHS rates several multi speciality hospitals in certain stations had refused to extend credit facility to ECHS beneficiaries. To overcome the crisis Raksha Mantri approved re-imbursement of expenditure to empanelled facilities at pre-revised CGHS rates as an interim measure.

(ii) As a permanent measure it has been decided to delink from CGHS rates. In view of this, evolving of fresh ECHS rates became a critical issue. A Board of Officers has been ordered by all HQ Commands including those of Navy and Air Force to carry out a detailed analysis of prevailing rates for medical treatment/diagnosis and evolve reasonable rates for implementation to be made applicable for ECHS in their respective stations under their area of jurisdiction.

(iii) The board proceedings have been received from some stations and are awaited from others. The inputs would be collated and analysed by a high powered committee under the Def Secy. The ECHS rates so approved would be disseminated for implementation



ECHS - ADD ON DEPENDENT CARDS:- Message from DESA- (04 May, 2008)

With immediate effect, ECHS members are authorised for three add on dependent cards in lieu of two. Procedure is as follows: -

(a) Forms can be down loaded from www.indianarmy.nic.in/www.irfc-nausena.nic.in.

(b) Duly filled application form along with a DD for Rs. 90/- in favour of ECHS Regional Centre Delhi is to be forwarded to Director ECHS, 6th Floor, Chanakya Bhavan, Chanakyauri, New Delhi-110 021.



Medical Reimbursement Procedures (30 March, 2008)

 Download "ECHS Medical Reimbursement Procedure"



ECHS Revelations (19 January 2008)

 Download "ECHS - Recent Revelations"



ECHS Payment Exemption (27 May, 2007)

No. 17(10)/06/US(WE)/D(Res)
                                                                               Government of India
                                                                                Ministry of Defence
                                                               Deptt of Ex-Servicemen Welfare

                                                        New Delhi, dated the 13th April, 2007


The Chief of Army Staff
The Chief of Navy Staff
The Chief of Air Force Staff

Subject:- Civil Writ Petition No. 210/1999 filed by Confederation of Ex-Servicemen Associations V/s Union of India � implementation of the Court judgment


In pursuance of the directions / orders / judgment dated 22nd Aug. 06 passed by the Hon�ble Supreme Court in the above case, I am directed to convey the sanction of the President to the exemption from the payment of contribution under Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme in respect of those Ex-Servicemen draw pension from Controller of Defence Accounts and have retired prior to 1st Jan. 1996.

2. This issues with the concurrence of Defence (Finance) vide their UO No. 189/PD/07 dated 2.4.2007.

Yours faithfully,
(V.K. Jain)
Under Secretary of the Govt. of India



Tele: 25684846                                            Central Organization ECHS
        23336832                                             Adjutant General�s Branch
                                                             Integrated HQ of MOD (Army)
                                                                                    Maude Lines
                                                                       Delhi Cantt � 110 010

B/49717-C/AG/ECHS                                                        18 Apr 2007

IHQ MOD (Navy)


(All HQs Commands)


1. Further to our following Signals:-
(a) A-333396/AG/ECHS dt 16 Apr 07 addsd to all HQs Comds.
(b) A-333412/AG/ECHS dt 17 Apr 07 addsd to IHQ MOD (Navy) and IHQ MOD (Air).

2. Copy of GOI. MOD letter No. 17(10/06/US(WE)/D(Res) dt 13 Apr 07 is fwd herewith to your info and necessary action.

3. As per above GOI MOD letter, all Ex-Servicemen who are drawing pension from Controller of Defence Accounts and who have retired prior to 01 Jan 1996 are exempted from payment of contribution under Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme. However, they will continue to apply for membership. All documents except MRO will be submitted along with application form.

4. MOD has been requested for instructions on refund of contribution in respect of those pre 01 Jan 1996 retirees who have already joined ECHS. Decision and procedure for the same will be intimated as and when received from the Government.

5. You are requested to disseminate the contents of this letter to all concerned and give wide publicity to it.

                                                                                    (Narinder Pal Singh)
                                                                                    Dir (Ops & Coord)

Encld: As Above for MD

Copy to:-
All ECHS Regional Centres



ECHS News (30 April, 2007)

(i) ECHS Membership Contribution
Good News !! On 22 Aug 06, the Supreme Court had ruled that Defence Personnel, who retired before 01 Jan 1996, should not be asked by the Govt to pay any money for becoming a member of the ECHS. MOD orders have been issued to implement the SC judgement.

Authority: GOI MOD/Dept of Ex-servicemen letter No 17(10)/06/ES/WE/D(RES) dated 13 Apr 2007 The modalities of refund are being worked out between CGDA/ECHS /MOD. Kindly await further news.

(ii) Issue of Medicines
Parent Polyclinics can now issue medicines upto 90 days for chronic ailments as approved by the Medical Specialist. Medicines can also be issued upto 30 days at OUT STATION polyclinic. You will have to carry a Ty Attachment Certificate from your Pmt. Polyclinic.

(iii) Issue of Hearing Aids
Cases will be put up to Senior Advisor (ENT) Base Hosp./ R&R Hosp. Duly recommended by the Service ENT Specialist. In case of Digital Hearing Aid, recommendations of two service ENT specialists are required.

(v) Membership of ECHS
Last date for becoming member of ECHS is 31 Mar 2008. No medical facilities will be provided to Non-ECHS Veterans in Polyclinic or Armed Forces Hospitals after 01 Apr 2008.


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